Fans, Air Circulators, Roof Ventilators,

Louvers and Vents

Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Thermostats,

Zone Control Systems

Red Hat Solenoid Valves, Combustion Valves,

General Control Actuators

Combustion & Environmental Analyzers,

Refrigerant Recovery Unit, Refrigerant Leak Detector,

Digital Meters

Oil furnaces & Geothermal Water Source,

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Hydronic Circulation Pumps, In-line, Base Mounted

Pressure Reducing Valves, Heat Exchangers,

Expansion Tanks, Air Separators

Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment, Room Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers,

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

Back Flow Preventers, Pressure Reducing Valves,

T&P / Relief Valves, Check Valves, Strainers,

Sight Glass Water Gauges, Ball Valves

Cast Iron Gas & Oil Boilers,

Indirect Fired Water Heaters

Evaporator and Condenser Coil

Cleaning Chemicals

Refrigerants for the Air conditioning and

Refrigeration Field

134A, R124, R22, R410A, R414B

Pressure Switches, Magnehelic, Photohelic,

Manometers, Rate-Master Flowmeters, Transducers

Ductless Split Systems Air Conditioners,

Fan Coils, Vertical In -Wall Condensing Units

Gas Fired High Intensity Infrared Heaters,

Gas Fired Low Intensity Tube Heaters,

Portable Natural, Kerosene & LP Heaters

Cartridge, Band and Strip Heaters

Heating Elements and Sensors

Barometric Draft Control, Power Venters,

Air Boosters, UV Air Purifiers

Flame Safeguard and

Combustion Monitoring Controls

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners,

Thru the Wall Air Conditioners

General Purpose Solenoid Valves 2 and 3 way

For Use With Air, Water, and Gases

Air Filtration Products, Disposable, HEPA, Z Pleat,

Bag, Bulk Roll, Polyester Filters

Centrifugal Roof Exhausters, Sidewall Exhausters,

Inline Fans, Ceiling and Cabinet Exhaust Fans

Cell Diffusers, Supply and Return Air Registers

Double and Triple Wall Gas Vent Pipe

Steam Traps, Condensate Pumps and Tanks,

Vent Valves for Water and Steam,

Pressure Regulators

Flame Safeguard Products, Pneumatic Controls,

Residential Combustion, Thermostats, Indoor Air Quality Products

Industrial Electric Heaters

Immersion Heaters, Process Air Heaters,

Circulation Heaters, Explosion Proof Heaters

Control Valves and Actuators, Ignition Controls,

Pilots and Thermocouples, Remote Bulb Thermostats

Residential air conditioning and heating equipment Mammoth Commercial Roof Top Units

Portable Air Cooled and Water Cooled

Air Conditioners

Industrial Burners, Gas Solenoids, Burner Controls,

UV Detectors, Pressure Switches, Gas Regulators,

Turbine Meters, Pilots and Ignition Systems

Universal Replacement Propellers, Blowers, Wheels,

and Parts for All Makes of Equipment

Condensate Removal Pumps, Submersible Utility Pumps

Ice Machine Pumps, Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic Solenoid Valves for Water, Oil, Air,

Gas, Steam, Solvents, Cryogenics, Oxygen

Pressure Gauges, Liquid Filled Gauges

Bi-Metal Thermometers, Tridicators,

Diaphragm seals

Gas Appliance Pressure Regulators,

Selectra Series Electronic Gas Flame Modulation Systems

Combustion Equipment and Safety Shut Off Valves

Tube-O-Flame Burners, Line Burners,

Oven Pak Burners

Low Water Cutoffs, Boiler Water Feeders,

Liquid Level Controls, Flow Switches

Pressure and Temperature Switches

Liquid Level Control

Gas Fired Unit Heaters, Air Make-Up Heaters

High Intensity and Low Intensity Infra-red Heaters

Steam and Hot Water Unit Heaters

Plug-in Time Delay Relays, Delay on Make,

Delay on Break, Repeat Cycle, Single Shot,

Dust Collector Controls, Liquid Level Controls

Water Coolers, Wall Mounted, Free Standing

Barrier Free, Fountains

Refrigeration Liquid Line and Suction Line Dryers

Temperature Controllers, Circular Chart Recorders,

High Limits, Digital Indicators

Custom Made Coils at Fraction of the Cost

Chilled Water, Hot Water, Steam, Booster,

Duct Mounted, Evaporator, Condenser

Single or Multi-Burner PROTECTOFIER Monitors

Gas and Oil Burners

Temperature Sensors

Thermocouples, RTD’s, MgO’s, Plastics Sensors,

Platinum Sensors, Extension Wire, CIP Sensors,

Wells, Transmitters, and Accessories

Electronic and electromechanical controls for the HVACR, Food Service Equipment and Automotive/Mobile Climate markets

Building Control Systems Pneumatic and Electronic

Robertshaw, Barber Colman, Ranco, Erie Valves

Service tools for Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Gas Pressure Regulators, Turbine Meters,

Rotary Meters

Ice Machines, Storage Bins,

Water Filters, Ice Dispensers

Sheet Metal Angles, Boots, Duct, Elbows, Pipe, Reducers, Sheets, Takeoffs, and Wallstack

Hydronic Circulation Pumps, In-line, Base Mounted

Pressure Reducing Valves, Heat Exchangers,

Expansion Tanks, Air Separators

Electric Heaters, Industrial Fans, Work Lights, Baseboard Heaters, Electric Infrared, Heating Cable

Pressure Gauges, Thermometers,

and Temperature Regulators

Commercial Water Heaters,

Boilers, and Storage Tanks

Fractional Horse Powered Motors

Pressure Reducing Valves, Backflow Preventers,

Water Regulators, Relief Valves, Ball Valves,

Butterfly/Gate/Globe/Check Valves

Electronic programmable thermostat, non-programmable thermostat, mechanical thermostat, gas valve, ignition control, transformer, electronic air cleaner or media air cleaner, humidifier,UV light

Temperature Controllers, High Limits, Digital Indicators

Temperature and Pressure Transmitters, Recorders,

Paperless Recorders, PH & Conductivity Meters